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A Bigger Penis Can Be a Reality!

It’s been said that if someone could invent a reliable way for a guy to increase the size of their penis, they’d be the richest person in the world. Almost every guy has wanted a bigger penis at some point in their life, whether they’ll admit to it or not.

big-dickFor some guys, having a bigger penis is almost a necessity because they really are super small! For other guys, however, a big dick is more about self-confidence.

Here’s the good news: a bigger penis can be a reality! Let’s take a look at the common methods to increase the size of your dick:

  • Through surgery. Surgical procedures are often what a doctor will recommend the most when a larger dick is desired. The results from a surgery aren’t always guaranteed, however, and even when a surgery is successful it usually takes months of stretching and specialized exercises to guarantee that the penis won’t shrivel back to its previous size.
  • Through stretching. Although penis stretching has been clinically shown to be effective in adding an inch or two to the size of a guy’s dick, it can take a lot of time and ambition to make that happen. Penis extenders generally have to be worn for several months for several hours per day to get results. If you’re patient with an extender that stretches your dick out, you will see growth, but over time.

Don’t Feel Like Waiting Months Or Going Through Surgery?

You’re not alone if you feel that way. Thousands of guys every day want a bigger penis, but they don’t want to deal with any side effects or have to wear equipment on their dick every day, all day. They want something that will give them an immediate result so they can have the confidence they need to be fantastic in the bedroom.

bigger-penis-pillsThat’s where bigger penis pills come into play. Many penis pills advertise themselves as the means to get the dick a guy wants, but the reality is that this doesn’t always happen. What most of pills can do for you is enhance your overall physical and mental abilities when it is time to have sex so that the creeping thought of needing a bigger dick goes away.

When taking best penis pills you’ll get maximized erections, have more stamina, and ultimately be able to give more pleasure to yourself and your partner with better orgasms. As a side effect, if you are using a penis stretcher, these male enhancement pills have been shown to help guys achieve results more quickly than if the stretcher is used by itself.

Do You Want a Bigger Penis Right Now?

It’s not going to happen overnight, but you can start the journey toward being satisfied with your dick today, at this very moment. Penis pills are fast, effective, and safe and can kick start the great sex you’re looking to have. Supplement that with a stretching regimen or surgery if you prefer, and you’ll achieve the goals you’ve been craving for so long.

What do penis pills actually do?

Penis pills work in a few different ways and this will depend on the product you have chosen. In order to find a penis pill that works for you, it is important to think about which of these issues you are having difficulty with and choose the penis pill designed to address that issue.

All-natural penis pills will provide you with harder, bigger erections, increase your sperm production, or make you last longer in bed with no adverse side effects. Best pills provide specific vitamins and minerals which aid in the increase of blood flow to the penis to get fuller, harder erections.

  • Some products contain herbs which increase your sex drive so you desire sex more frequently and are designed for those who find their interest in sex has decreased.
  • Others are created with fertility in mind and will provide vitamins, minerals, and herbs which will stimulate your body to produce more sperm.

Generally, the higher the sperm production, the more sex you will want to have. Many products are designed to prevent premature ejaculation which puts an early end to your intimate session. These products contain ingredients which will keep you hard for a longer time period.

Straighten Your Penis By Stretching

Having a penis that curves slightly or severely can be a huge issue. It can decrease sexual pleasure, create an inability to please a woman and hit her G spot and can even lead to depression and anxiety regarding sex.

Fifteen to twenty percent of all men are born with some degree of curvature and another five to ten percent develop a curvature through a condition know as Peyronie’s Disease.

While surgical and medicinal methods can control or alleviate the problem, they are extremely risky, leading to loss of sensation, disfiguration and infection. So what can the men affected by this problem do to alleviate the curvature and allow them to experience normal sexual function?


The most effective non-invasive method of fixing a curvature of the penis is with a penis extender device.

correcting-curvaturesThese devices are typically purchased by men looking to enlarge their penis size, but they can even more effective for straightening out curvatures. Many devices designed for enlargement offer accessories for curvature reduction, especially for the head of the penis.

This allows the extender, meant to stretch a straight penis into a longer size, to be worn comfortably to stretch the penis straight.

The Peyronie’s device essentially works like braces do on teeth, slowly applying pressure to force the penis into the properly aligned position. Constant, gentile tension creates slight destruction on the cellular level which the body quickly repairs in line with the applied pressure. These new, regenerated cells create a straighter penis, although the process is slow and takes many hours of stretching to achieve results.


For some men the curvature of their penis isn’t just an inconvenience, it is a serious problem. Peyronie’s Disease is a condition where fibrous plaques begin to grow on the soft tissue of the penis, causing extreme curvature. The buildup can create a lump of plaque that results in the loss of size and a stiffening of the penis. This can make sex very painful and difficult for the man and may even become impossible. This condition can also make climaxing difficult for the woman, leaving men with this disease doubting their abilities in bed and decreasing their confidence and interest levels in sex. Over time this condition can create total erectile dysfunction leading to depression, cessation of sexual activity and loss of vitality.

threatment-for-peyronies-diseaseIn the early stages, however, penis extenders can help to straighten out curves and increase sexual function. The traction method of slowly stretching the penis into the proper shape can help to reduce the damage caused by the fibrous plaques and can even help to pull the plaques into more desirable configurations.

Whether you simply have a curvature that has been present since birth or you’ve developed Peyronie’s Disease, using a penis extender to stretch your penis into a more desirable shape can be effective. Over time the penis will adjust and repair itself into a more straight alignment, allowing for more confidence in bed and more pleasure for both you and your partner. While serious conditions should be discussed with your urologist, considering one of these devices to help better your sex life is a great way to increase your confidence and self image as well as making sex easier and less painful.

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