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Penis Enlargement And Erectile Dysfunction

Penis Enlargement And Erectile Dysfunction

One of the most embarrassing problems men face as they get older is the inability to get an erection or having erections that are weak or don’t last as long as they used to. This can lead to decreased confidence, decreased interest in sex and an overall sense of decline.

Many men in this situation will turn to pills and medical treatments or penis enhancing devices.

One of the most popular non-surgical penis enlargement devices is the penis extender, which uses traction to gradually increase overall size and blood flow to the organ. But does this type of enhancement help those with erectile dysfunction?


To understand whether traction devices work for erectile dysfunction, you must first understand how this type of devices works.

penis_extenderWhen using a constant, steady pulling pressure the organ is stretched constantly causing micro tears in the Corpora Cavernosa cells of the penis. These tears cause the body to repair the cells and generate new ones to fill in the extra space.

By stretching your penis the Corpora Cavernosa increase and can hold more blood in creating a bigger, thicker erection that is also more potent and longer lasting.


For men that are experiencing erectile issues that are directly related to potency of erections, meaning they can get erect but it doesn’t last long enough or is not hard enough for the penetration, this type of traction-based penis enhancement devices will help.

corpoa-cavernosaThe increased capacity for blood to flow through the stretched Corpora Cavernosa makes for a stronger, longer lasting erection.

Men using a penis enhancement device will notice that when they become hard it is more rock solid and steady, increasing pleasure and confidence in bed.

If confidence is the main issue, these types of devices can also be quite effective. Many men suffer from body Dysmorphophobia, where they feel their penis size isn’t large enough compared to porn stars or friends and peers. Others simply fear they can’t hold an erection long enough to please a woman. They can feel fearful and timid, causing further problems with becoming and remaining aroused.

The penis enlargement traction device gives these men confidence in both the appearance of the erect penis as well as the potency of the erection. The confidence of knowing your penis is the size you wish it to be can skyrocket your sex drive, and knowing that your erection will be fuller and stronger can help you relax and experience the joy of sex without the worry of finishing too early.


For those with classic erectile dysfunction, however, penis extenders are not a viable option. Classic erectile dysfunction is the condition where the man can no longer become aroused and erections are impossible. No amount of traction from a penis extender can help with being able to become erect in the first place. Men that are suffering from this condition should consult their urologist.

erectile-dysfunctionThere are natural supplements that can help to produce and sustain erections when men cannot get it on their own. Some of these blends of herbs are very effective and can greatly enhance your sex live. Other conditions may require more extensive treatment, but only your doctor can determine what’s best for you.

For many men, penis enlargement devices are effective to help get over the hurdles of self-image and confidence that may be holding them back from impressive, mind-blowing sex experience.

The traction-based penis enlargement devices can produce results that allow you to feel more potent and enhance your sexual enjoyment.

However these devices are not effective if there is a complete inability to achieve erection, and can cause harm if used in this situation. In any case it is a good idea to talk to your urologist for more information and get your recommendations on how to become more confident in your sex life.


How To Choose The Best Penis Stretcher

We’ve all heard the term penis stretcher or penile extender before and we’re pretty sure we’ve got some idea about what it is just by the name, but what is it really and does it really work?

penis_stretcherWhat is a penis stretcher?

A penis stretcher, or penile extender, is a medical traction device which straps around the penis and gently extends it over time. It should be worn daily for usually a few hours in order to see results.

deviceHow does it work?

A penis stretcher is composed of two parts, the rods, and two fasteners. The device is put on according to the directions supplied in the packaging, ensuring the fit is comfortable. The bars are adaptable for length and you will adjust this overtime as your penis grows. This will not be an overnight process and will take time but the penis enlargement achieved is permanent.

warningAttempting to speed this process up can result in injury so be sure to use the device as instructed.

Strap or Noose? The Importance of Proper Fixation

The penis enlargement device will be worn for several hours per day so a proper fit is important not only for comfort reasons, but it must fit properly in order for it to work properly. As explained by medical community the type of fixation method used is the key to your success with penis enlargement.

noose-vs-strapWearing the wrong size or improperly adjusting the penis stretcher can result in discomfort or injury.

Noose type penis extenders generally have a noose which is made of a type of plastic which pulls your penis. Most men don’t love it and find it to be uncomfortable. Users of this type often have to remove the device, massage the area, and then reattach it. As a constant stretch is what you’re looking for, this is less than ideal.

Strap type fixations are generally made of a soft yet sturdy material which can be adjusted for girth and comfort. Most users find this to be the most comfortable and convenient option and say they prefer it over the noose type.

Noose type devices often will limit blood flow to the head of the penis which can be painful and is not very healthy. Tissues need the oxygen in your blood to survive so you’ll definitely not want to be cutting off the blood flow to the head of your penis. A strap fixation with comfort memory foam is usually the best option for reducing restriction of blood flow and for increasing your comfort while using the device.

What restults can I expect?

The length gained depends on a number of factors such as duration of use, the type and quality of the extender, your body’s response to the device, and whether it is used as directed. The average user reports gaining ½ inch of flaccid length at 6-12 months and as much as 1 inch with more than 12 month’s use. As everyone is different and genetics do have some direct effects on the results, you can expect somewhere between ½ inch to as much as 2 inches flaccid length gain. It is important to wear the device for only the amount of time that is indicated on the package instructions as wearing it longer may cause injury.

Why erection supplements don’t work as expected?

erection-problemsBefore you throw away that bottle of erectile dysfunction supplements it may be to your advantage to give them another shot. When erection supplements don’t work as expected there could be a simple fix. Often, those who stated their pills weren’t working found the following to be true.

1. Not enough stimulation

Before assuming that it’s the supplements that aren’t working, take a close look at circumstances you took them in. Erectile dysfunction supplements are miracle drugs. You are not going to get a good erection if you are not aroused at the activity.

In order for the supplements, and your penis, to obtain and maintain a firm erection, there must be sufficient stimulation taking place. Try livening up your bedroom activities, include adequate foreplay sessions, and actually participate in intimate activities together that get your motor running.

2. Stressed or tired

Sometimes, failure to achieve erection has nothing to do with your penis and everything to do with your health or mental status. If you are exhausted from a long day and are feeling stressed out or tired, it may be necessary to unwind and relax a bit before you plan any intimate activity. If you are truly exhausted, your body is likely in need of sleep too badly to do anything more than cuddle. That has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction and everything to do with not getting enough rest.

advice3. Dosage

If you are well rested, well stimulated, and it’s still not happening, it may be that you are not taking the proper dosage for your body. Everyone’s body is different which is why most supplements and medications have a minimum and maximum dosage level. If your erectile dysfunction supplement is not doing the trick, try taking the maximum dosage.

4. Full Stomach

Taking your supplement on a full stomach is not the best way to go. If you take your supplements immediately after eating and expect them to work as expected you’re forgetting that your stomach is already busy trying to get through what you just ate. Your stomach will only absorb a portion of your supplement if it is digesting food. Unless the supplement specifically says it must be taken on a full stomach, take it on an empty one. This means that you need to take it one hour before or 2-3 hours after eating.

5. Patience

Initiating sex too soon after taking your supplement is not going to work. Your stomach must first break down, then absorb the supplement and get it into your blood stream. This then has to begin to have its effects as it circulates through the miles of veins and arteries in your body before it can begin doing its job. Make sure you understand how long it should take for it to work. Some types of erectile dysfunction supplements can work in as little as 20 minutes to a half hour but others may need 2-3 hours to work.

6. Giving Up Too Soon

Try your chosen supplement at least 6 times before deciding it is not going to work for you. Try the supplement at the lowest recommended dosage twice, if it doesn’t work, try it at the mid-point of the minimum and maximum dosages twice. If that hasn’t worked, try it at the highest dosage twice.

erection-supplements7. Try Another Type

Just because one supplement didn’t work for you doesn’t mean none of them will. Everyone’s body chemistry and health are different.

What works for someone else may not work for you and vice versa.

Try different formulations to see which one will give you the desired results.

Public Hair Removal – What works and what don’t?

Grooming, trimming, or removal of pubic hair is entirely a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer to go all natural, others may choose a bit of a trim, and others may prefer to get rid of it entirely. no-public-hairKeeping your pubic hair short or absent can help with intimate hygiene, can help you feel cooler, or can be considered a must-have prior to intimacy by some.

If you choose to go au naturel and leave it as it is, this article may not be of interest to you. For those who wish to remove a portion, or all of their pubic hair, here are the things to try and those you should steer clear of.


This method is the one used most frequently but is far from the best option for pubic hair removal. Using sharp blades around the delicate skin of the scrotum is bound to result in nicks and cuts at some point.

Razor burn is another issue and can leave your intimate areas feeling like they are itchy, scratchy, and on fire.

Most men are familiar with the process of shaving since many opt to remove their facial hair in this way so the solution makes sense in that regard but the razor burn, ingrown hairs, and need to repeat the entire process every 2-3 days can turn into a high maintenance nightmare.

This method can also cause chafing and skin irritation for your partner as the hair begins to grow back.


This method will not leave you free of hair but can be a quick, lower maintenance option for keeping it all under control. As scissors are sharp, you’re definitely going to want to be able to see what you are doing so a mirror may prove helpful. This method does not cause irritation for your partner but if you both prefer the bits to be bare, it’s not an ideal solution.


These solutions usually come in a cream or lotion form and require that you slather it on the area you wish to remove hair from and wait the noted amount of time. This method will totally remove the hair so it gives you that bare option you are looking for.

Depilatories are chemical lotions so they are not the best option for anyone with skin sensitivities or allergies to chemical products. The area is left smooth and hair free and hair will grow back more slowly and less coarse than it was previously. These products, even if they say they are scented, still have a chemical smell to them that many people don’t enjoy.


While there are many salons and in-home kits for hair removal with the use of wax, anyone who has ever seen how it is used is going to wonder if it’s a good idea to use on your delicate genitals.

While this method would be ok for the pubic region itself, use of it on the testicles would not be so pleasant. Salon providers specifically trained in waxing male pubic hair would likely be the only way you should even attempt this method.

This method is really good at removing unwanted hair. Hair takes longer to grow back, the amount of hair reduces over time, and hair grows back softer. You could try it at home with kit specifically designed for men if you’re feeling particularly brave.


This is the ultimate best hair removal method for those who know they never want to see pubic hair on their body ever again. This method will eliminate pubic hair 100%, never to return.

You must be committed and sure that you never want to have pubic hair again before you consider this option.

While it does work very, very well, it must be performed using direct electric current by a trained professional. It can take anywhere from 2-12 hours’ worth of electrolysis to remove all hair permanently and can cost anywhere from $25-150 per hour. It is, however, a one time cost.


Laser removal is another permanent hair removal option. It, too, is quite expensive and involves the use of a laser by a trained professional. Laser is faster than electrolysis and less painful but it doesn’t work for everyone and may require repeat treatments. This method works best on those who have dark pubic hair and is not recommended for those with lighter hair as it is not as effective.

Regardless of which method you choose, pubic hair removal, or manscaping, can help you feel more comfortable as well as more confident. Try a variety of options and see which one works best for you. If you know 100% you never want to see your pubic hair again, electrolysis might be your best option.

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