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Straighten Your Penis By Stretching

Having a penis that curves slightly or severely can be a huge issue. It can decrease sexual pleasure, create an inability to please a woman and hit her G spot and can even lead to depression and anxiety regarding sex.

Fifteen to twenty percent of all men are born with some degree of curvature and another five to ten percent develop a curvature through a condition know as Peyronie’s Disease.

While surgical and medicinal methods can control or alleviate the problem, they are extremely risky, leading to loss of sensation, disfiguration and infection. So what can the men affected by this problem do to alleviate the curvature and allow them to experience normal sexual function?


The most effective non-invasive method of fixing a curvature of the penis is with a penis extender device.

correcting-curvaturesThese devices are typically purchased by men looking to enlarge their penis size, but they can even more effective for straightening out curvatures. Many devices designed for enlargement offer accessories for curvature reduction, especially for the head of the penis.

This allows the extender, meant to stretch a straight penis into a longer size, to be worn comfortably to stretch the penis straight.

The Peyronie’s device essentially works like braces do on teeth, slowly applying pressure to force the penis into the properly aligned position. Constant, gentile tension creates slight destruction on the cellular level which the body quickly repairs in line with the applied pressure. These new, regenerated cells create a straighter penis, although the process is slow and takes many hours of stretching to achieve results.


For some men the curvature of their penis isn’t just an inconvenience, it is a serious problem. Peyronie’s Disease is a condition where fibrous plaques begin to grow on the soft tissue of the penis, causing extreme curvature. The buildup can create a lump of plaque that results in the loss of size and a stiffening of the penis. This can make sex very painful and difficult for the man and may even become impossible. This condition can also make climaxing difficult for the woman, leaving men with this disease doubting their abilities in bed and decreasing their confidence and interest levels in sex. Over time this condition can create total erectile dysfunction leading to depression, cessation of sexual activity and loss of vitality.

threatment-for-peyronies-diseaseIn the early stages, however, penis extenders can help to straighten out curves and increase sexual function. The traction method of slowly stretching the penis into the proper shape can help to reduce the damage caused by the fibrous plaques and can even help to pull the plaques into more desirable configurations.

Whether you simply have a curvature that has been present since birth or you’ve developed Peyronie’s Disease, using a penis extender to stretch your penis into a more desirable shape can be effective. Over time the penis will adjust and repair itself into a more straight alignment, allowing for more confidence in bed and more pleasure for both you and your partner. While serious conditions should be discussed with your urologist, considering one of these devices to help better your sex life is a great way to increase your confidence and self image as well as making sex easier and less painful.

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