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Last Longer In Bed By Curing Your Mental Disorder

Did you know that premature ejaculation is considered a mental disorder?

According to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV), premature ejaculation is exactly what we know it is: you came too soon. WAY too soon, in some instances.

The good news is that since premature ejaculation is essentially a mental disorder, it can be fixed so you can last longer in bed.

Stop-Premature-EjaculationFor guys where this is a problem 100% of the time, a doctor might decide to prescribe an ant-depressant or other mind altering drug so that your orgasm synapses in the brain fire off at the right time.

For guys where there are other issues involved, well… let’s work on fixing those today, shall we?

What Causes Guys To Come Early?

Premature ejaculation can happen for a wide variety of reasons:

  • you could be anxious about your performance and so you come early to sabotage yourself;
  • you might be tense and be focused on yourself instead of the fact that you’re having sex;
  • you might have just gotten into the habit of being a premature ejaculator; or
  • you might not be overly aroused and your cock is just ready to get out of where you stuck it.

There are some scientific theories regarding prematurely ejaculating that revolve around our basic, caveman instincts. We guys had to get the orgasm going quickly before another caveman came in and found us doing the horizontal mambo with his caveman daughter, or worse – the sabertooth tiger smelled caveman sex and came hunting!

Many of the ways guys can last longer in bed are associated with one simple principle: calm yourself down.

Do You Get Way Too Excited For Sex?

Guys generally fall into two categories: you either get a lot of sex or you don’t. From there, guys fall into two other categories: you get really excited about the sex you’re going to have or you don’t.

There’s also a third category: you get worried about your performance or you don’t. If you fall into those “don’t” categories, then why are you even reading this article? Seriously – you’re a bedroom champ. If you think you aren’t lasting a long time, you’re wrong!

exited-for-sexFor the rest of you guys who fall into one of those “do” categories, it all boils down to personal control.

The reason why you’re a premature ejaculator is because you’re allowing yourself to be out of control and that’s making you sloppy.

Now sloppy sex is better than no sex at all, for sure, but you can do better.

To last longer in bed, you’ve got to find a way to cure your anxiety. Some guys take pills to relieve their problems. Other guys do exercises. A rare few guys talk to their partners about their feelings so that they can get the emotional load ejaculated off of their chest first. Whatever it is for you, you’ve got to find a way to make sure you’re in the right state of mind for sex.

When you can find that place, then you’ll be able to be the Energizer bunny in bed. You’ll just keep going and going and going…

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