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Do You Really Need a Bigger Erection?

Is needing a bigger penis just a myth?
Does the “motion of the ocean” count more than your overall dick size?

Let’s put it this way, guys – anyone can have sex. Anyone can even have good sex.

Most guys can even have great sex without worrying about the size of their dick. To have mind-blowing, out-of-this-world, can’t get enough of your dick sex, however, the size of the ship you have going into the ocean is going to be part of the equation.

Many women care more about the relationship they have with you more than they care about the size of your dick. If, however, you feel like your boat is more of a dinghy than a battleship and you’d like to change that to change your sex life, you’ve got some options.

Have You Maximized What Nature Has Given You Yet?

For many guys, they really haven’t had a chance to experience fantastic sex simply because they’re relying on their body to provide them with the best response. Now for a lot of men, a good, strong erection happens upon arousal and that makes you ready for penetration.


  • What if a good, strong erection wasn’t the best that you could do?
  • What if you could make your erections be even bigger, even stronger, and last even longer than they do right now?

This is where a male enhancement product can really help you out.

Rather than work to fix an erectile dysfunction problem, male enhancement pills help you to make sure all your juices are flowing the way they’re supposed to be in all the right places.

When this happens, you’ll notice a change in the character of your dick and for many guys, that’s all it takes to have confidence.

A Bigger Erection Can Be Had With Some Work

Maybe it’s because you suffer from a micropenis. Maybe you’ve got an inherited condition that has kind of bent your dick when you get aroused and that’s a little painful, which turns you off from sex. Maybe you just want to be bigger because you know you’ll be better.

Whatever the case may be for you, there are a few options available that can potentially alter the length and size of your dick. Here’s the most common ways:

  • Surgery to enhance width and length. Whether it is cutting a ligament or reducing the fat pad at the base of your dick, the goal of surgery is more to expose the hidden parts of your penile shaft that are already there.

    This gives the impression of a longer dick, even though it’s still really just all you. As for width, injections are generally used and these are either fat deposits taken from other parts of your body or a silicone implant.

  • Stretching devices to encourage your skin cells to divide. It takes your body awhile to develop a long dick naturally, which means you’re going to need to wear a stretching device all day, every day for several months to see some results.

bigger-penisBy taking a male enhancement product, however, you can maximize your actual enlargement techniques to cut down the time it takes for your body to adapt to a larger dick.

A bigger penis can be a reality, but there’s also a good chance that you might not need one. Work on your relationship, maximize what your body can do, and then find the right enlargement technique if all else fails.

Why erection supplements don’t work as expected?

erection-problemsBefore you throw away that bottle of erectile dysfunction supplements it may be to your advantage to give them another shot. When erection supplements don’t work as expected there could be a simple fix. Often, those who stated their pills weren’t working found the following to be true.

1. Not enough stimulation

Before assuming that it’s the supplements that aren’t working, take a close look at circumstances you took them in. Erectile dysfunction supplements are miracle drugs. You are not going to get a good erection if you are not aroused at the activity.

In order for the supplements, and your penis, to obtain and maintain a firm erection, there must be sufficient stimulation taking place. Try livening up your bedroom activities, include adequate foreplay sessions, and actually participate in intimate activities together that get your motor running.

2. Stressed or tired

Sometimes, failure to achieve erection has nothing to do with your penis and everything to do with your health or mental status. If you are exhausted from a long day and are feeling stressed out or tired, it may be necessary to unwind and relax a bit before you plan any intimate activity. If you are truly exhausted, your body is likely in need of sleep too badly to do anything more than cuddle. That has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction and everything to do with not getting enough rest.

advice3. Dosage

If you are well rested, well stimulated, and it’s still not happening, it may be that you are not taking the proper dosage for your body. Everyone’s body is different which is why most supplements and medications have a minimum and maximum dosage level. If your erectile dysfunction supplement is not doing the trick, try taking the maximum dosage.

4. Full Stomach

Taking your supplement on a full stomach is not the best way to go. If you take your supplements immediately after eating and expect them to work as expected you’re forgetting that your stomach is already busy trying to get through what you just ate. Your stomach will only absorb a portion of your supplement if it is digesting food. Unless the supplement specifically says it must be taken on a full stomach, take it on an empty one. This means that you need to take it one hour before or 2-3 hours after eating.

5. Patience

Initiating sex too soon after taking your supplement is not going to work. Your stomach must first break down, then absorb the supplement and get it into your blood stream. This then has to begin to have its effects as it circulates through the miles of veins and arteries in your body before it can begin doing its job. Make sure you understand how long it should take for it to work. Some types of erectile dysfunction supplements can work in as little as 20 minutes to a half hour but others may need 2-3 hours to work.

6. Giving Up Too Soon

Try your chosen supplement at least 6 times before deciding it is not going to work for you. Try the supplement at the lowest recommended dosage twice, if it doesn’t work, try it at the mid-point of the minimum and maximum dosages twice. If that hasn’t worked, try it at the highest dosage twice.

erection-supplements7. Try Another Type

Just because one supplement didn’t work for you doesn’t mean none of them will. Everyone’s body chemistry and health are different.

What works for someone else may not work for you and vice versa.

Try different formulations to see which one will give you the desired results.

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